Floating Pontoons

 There is more than one way to secure a floating pontoon.

Options include:

Screw Anchors – this option is preferred as they have the greatest holding power and once installed remain on a fixed position.

Blocks – are an excellent alternative, especially if anchors cannot be installed due to hard rock and reef areas.  6 to 8 tonne blocks can be an effective alternative.

Piles – have their place in very sheltered areas. In windy rough conditions they can be noisy and cause damage as the pontoon may bash against the piles. A pile system is more visible on the water line and not as appealing within the sounds environment.

Elasticated Systems – a pontoon anchored with Marine Flex is never passive to the sea, but instead offers firm resistance that substantially reduces wave movements. We are a local NZ agent for Marine Flex. 

Chain & Ropes – can be suspended within the water column to remain off the seabed removing the risk of degradation to the marine environment.

The important point is to ensure the floating jetty stays on its own footprint throughout the tidal range. This way, the linkspan for access is always in the same area. This can be achieved by using either Marine Flex or suspended chain and rope.


A very professional job, great team of guys.

Phil Burmester

Floating Pontoon Installation