Commercial & Construction Diving

Our team of commercial divers is available for a variety of dive services including:

  • Mooring inspections and servicing – enabling us to retrieve sunk or broken moorings.
  • Boat salvage
  • Dam servicing, cleaning intakes and video inspections
  • Pipe line installations
  • Dredging using trash pumps
  • Hull Cleans and inspections – including anode changes
  • Pontoon inspections, cleans and servicing
  • Marine Flex installations and servicing
  • Anchor warp cleaning
  • Pile grouting
  • Underwater jetty work and more…

Having commercial diving capabilities helps to support the other services MSNZ offers. With inhouse knowledge and experience, we can often provide solutions without having to engage another service provider.

We  also offer ROV services to support our commercial dive work.